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VISHAL   Bangalore, International

7/27/2016 10:03:46 AM


Pls do help me
My dog golden retriver she ate a ankle socks , m ver much scared.. abt
She is a 4month old
Pls giv me some

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Sonu   Chandigarh, International

5/6/2016 4:41:41 AM

My 3 months old golden retriever swallowed a hoot ton Henley being used by ladies. No physical ailment seen . What should I do ??

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iml8agn   Camden, ME

3/22/2016 5:45:22 PM

@Michael in
Mike is actually correct, Hydrogen Peroxide is the best way to get your dog to throw up and a vet would tell you to do it. Not poisonous...FYI Done it multiple times and dogs lived to tell the tale! No pun intended...

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July   Adelaide,SA, International

3/11/2016 5:49:56 AM

My dog just ate a sock. What should I do?! He's only a 5month old German Shepard pup.

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Michael   NYC, New York

1/13/2016 3:05:00 PM

@Mike - it is utterly irresponsible of you to tell anyone to feed their dog hydrogen peroxide. It can just as easily kill the animal is too much is administered. Shame on you.


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Marla   Hamilton, International

12/29/2015 5:29:58 AM

My 2.5 year old German Shepherd rottweiler ate a glove about 4 weeks ago. We thought he would pass it or throw it up but nothing happened. He lived his life perfectly normal until this morning when he threw the glove up. He was totally normal the entire 4 weeks since he swallowed it until he threw bit up. Right after he threw it up he was happy and wanting his breakfast. I was shocked it was inside him for that long and him still being able to live his normal life.

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Sharie   Merriam, Kansas

12/18/2015 6:57:47 AM

My Teddy Bear puppy tears up, chews and eats all soft toys. I take them away and now will not buy any for him. He loves to play with them and take the squeekers out before chewing and eating them. Beside's the hard rubber toys what else can I* get for him. He's 11 1/2 mo old. Will he grow out of this chewing stage, also digs outside. He's in other words "A DEVIL DOG!".

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Kat   Louisville, Kentucky

9/20/2015 6:11:55 AM

I was fairly sure my dog ate a sock (he's been known to do it before and he started to display the same symptoms), but he did not pass it. I took him to the vet and paid $123 to have them tell me that he has something in his stomach, but it may be food. I knew it wasn't food. They wouldn't listen to me. They said I could pay for exploratory surgery. I opted out of that. I went home frustrated and scared for my dog.

That was yesterday. I came on line 20 minutes ago and looked up "x-ray of dog with sock in stomach" just to compare it to my dog's x-ray, because I damn well knew the lump in his stomach wasn't food. The Google search led me here. I read the comments about trying peroxide and gave it a try. It took 5 minutes and I now have a very large, very heavy, man-sized sock (that's why he couldn't pass it like the others) out of my dog's stomach and in the garbage. THANK you commenters! I'm so angry that the vet didn't offer any option other than surgery to get this out of my dog. I know my dog will be feeling much better soon, and I'm so, so relieved.

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Mike   Denver, Colorado

9/9/2015 12:04:21 AM

Hydrogen peroxide works and probably saved our puppys life it took about ten minutes after he drank it and we jad the sock back that he ate.thank you

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MrsJAM   Fontana, CA

8/14/2015 6:06:13 PM

my 2 yr old husky just ate my daughters sock....will he be able to pass it?


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Brian   Houston, Texas

3/18/2015 7:38:28 PM

Thanks for the tip. 2 doses of hydrogen peroxide and up came not 1 but 3 socks!

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Shirona   London, International

3/18/2015 9:48:17 AM

I think my puppy ate a piece of a sock. This was a week ago. He was very ill but now seems okay other than some of his poops are still really soft. Is this normal and will it get better on its own?

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Chris   UK, International

3/15/2015 1:56:20 AM

My 11 year old has been eating socks since a puppy. Only worn socks , and ankle or thin dress socks are her favourite. I don't see her do it , and the first I notice is when she passes it or vommits it up. I'm not worried about her health so much as curious as to why she does it.

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brennen   Flagstaff, Arizona

2/11/2015 5:43:48 PM

What if my 5 month old jack russell terrior ate two socks in the same week should we go to the vet?

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Terry   St Catharines, International

1/17/2015 11:25:41 AM

My 1 year old Saint Bernard ate a small glove. Took about a week and then she vomited it up.

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Linda   Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

12/30/2014 10:52:08 AM

My 5 month old golden retriever just ate one blue fluffy crew sock from under the tree, I discovered it within 90 minutes and administered one oz of peroxide, waited 10 minutes gave him another 1 oz and within 10 minutes he vomited up the sock in shreds...I consulted my Vet before giving it to him and she said it wouldn't hurt him either way...success!

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Katie   England, Washington

11/25/2014 10:22:59 AM

My 18 months old American bulldog has ate a pair of socks do anyone know what to do to help me get it out of her so she don't get blocked up

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Lindsay   St Louis, Michigan

2/8/2014 3:46:21 PM

My 3 mo. old lab eats our kids socks all the time. He has always vommited them up within a week or two. My concern is, will this affect his digestion? A sock in the belly for a couple weeks can't be a good thing...

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Tanner922   San Carlos, CA

2/5/2014 12:34:49 PM

My one year old lab ate part of a hand towel. After a week he pooped out 31 inches worth! a couple of weeks later, he ate approx 1/3 of his bed covering made of fleece!! We have not seen any signs of it and it is going on three almost 4 weeks. He has lost some weight due to vomiting issues. His poops are a little smaller than what he normally does. X-rays have been taken and no evidance of any intestinal blockage. We changed from kibble to canned and that seems to have helped with vomiting. He saw the vet yesterday and is now on a band diet. Next step is barium. After that , who knows.

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

10/7/2013 4:55:02 AM

My sister Golden Retrieve eats everything and he passes everything without problems. Thank goodness.

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