Comments on How to Choose Safe Dog Toys

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BusyMama   Tampa, FL

8/2/2013 3:47:22 AM

Thanks for the tips and good info.

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karen   little rock, AR

12/4/2009 10:02:54 AM

thanks so much!I had also noticed leaving toys out at night--the dew can cause the toys to mildew!yuk!

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

12/3/2009 9:33:34 AM

Great tips-thanks!

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Kari   Evansville, IN

12/2/2009 9:45:31 AM

Rawhides upset my dogs tummy so I get "pizzels or Bully sticks" They last longer and are much better for him.

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michelle   rockford, IL

12/2/2009 9:28:54 AM

good info


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4/2/2009 10:17:33 PM


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karen   little rock, AR

4/2/2009 6:40:51 PM

good info..I will now bring toys in and not leave them outside..I guess the sun weakens the toy??Or getting wet causeing bacteria??

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S   3 Oaks, MI

4/2/2009 5:56:51 AM

My dog is only 20 lbs, & has destroyed LOTS of toys of all kinds, so you do have to be careful, especially w/ avid chewers!

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lala   salinas, CA

12/19/2008 9:19:33 PM

great info. i now have to throw lots of toys away. does anyone know why it says get rid of toys that have been out in the sun

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shayla   canton, GA

12/19/2008 4:21:32 PM

This is very usefull


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Kira   Not Telling !, PA

12/19/2008 3:36:17 PM

Thanks, so much! Now I know what to look for when I buy Piper's present

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

12/19/2008 2:29:08 PM

Great article! It's good to remember that not every dog toy sold in stores is safe. These were wonderful tips!

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Michele   Freeport, IL

12/19/2008 12:48:38 PM

I never imagined that so many of the toys I buy for my dog could be so dangerous.Thank you for a very informative article.

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mason   arrat, VA

12/19/2008 12:18:19 PM

good tips

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Genete   Santa Maria, CA

12/19/2008 1:45:32 AM

Very nice! I teach pet first aid & this info. is SO IMPORTANT to be aware of when considering a proper toy for your animal. Just because they make them doesn't mean they are all safe to buy. Animals are likely to & will ingest the loose articles &/or stuffing in these toys that can harm them. Please be careful & always get a well made toy. Even then if you have an aggressive chewer, you can STILL run into a problem.

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Cheryl   Conway, MO

10/24/2008 5:54:45 PM

This is good, useful information. But sometimes you just have to use your own judgement on dog toys.

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Brianna   Wildwood, MO

10/24/2008 5:26:55 PM

This is very good information. I will surely think of all of these useful tips when I buy my dog toys. Thanks for this, it could save a dogs life of choking. This is really a nice put together article that everyone should use and read. Thanks, again, for this. Your really making a big difference for dogs!

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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

10/24/2008 1:24:33 PM

Thanks for the information!

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stacy   Bel Air, MD

10/24/2008 4:58:24 AM

Really good info to have.

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