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sohcahtoa   toronto, Michigan

9/12/2012 8:40:35 AM

Our female GSD just turned 3. We had wanted to get a friend for her for a long time, as she loves other dogs. We had to be very selective, because while she loves them, she is a big, powerful dog who plays in a growly, "trash-talking", sometimes rough way. She was allowed to play with my IL's Shelties until the ILs became uncomfortable, preferring a quieter, more polite manner of

Two weeks ago we got a male Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)/Border Collie cross. After a few minor scuffles, the GSD and the heeler cross are good friends. Heelers are tough dogs but not overly large.

I suggest that if you are already used to a GSD's need for obedience training and socialisation, that a heeler's deep need for those same things would not be a huge burden to you. The two breeds speak the same language. Juat make sure to keep playtime short and supervised for the first few weeks at least. Good luck!

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