Comments on Why No Westies?

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Mark   Wayne, New Jersey

3/17/2014 10:06:39 PM

I watched my parents with there Westie, they loved him from beginning to end. However, I've never seen such a headstrong dog! He'd bite the tops of my wife's shoes, [bows] off. He always had a terrible skin condition, no matter how many times my parents brought him to the
I went on in life to purchase a Sheltie, great character, loving, highly intelligent, and a true companion to everyone in the family. He is the king of the family, and why not? Having grown up with dogs, this dog is the best!

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Kathy   Oshkosh, WI

5/23/2010 5:28:18 AM

We just bought a westie puppy and would like to train her and have her compete in earth dog competitions. We live in central
Do dogs have to be AKC regisitered?

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