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Andrew   San Diego, CA

5/2/2009 7:15:13 PM

I'm sure the puppy mills will be pumping out as many of these dogs as possible now. Instead of Obama adopting a rescue and sending a nice message about the value of rescued dogs he gets a pure bread. I'm not shocked b/c this follows all his hypocritical tendencies though.

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Marina   Havertown, PA

4/19/2009 12:38:37 PM

What happened to the idea that Obama was getting a mutt like himself? He went back on his
The first family could have sent a great example to the world and adopted a dog and they didn't.

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Yukon and Pike   Port Alsworth, AK

4/17/2009 9:09:08 PM

YAY! That's Paw-some! I'm sure the world's most famous dog will be very happy. I'd love to learn more about the breed.

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karen   little rock, AR

3/22/2009 7:26:36 AM

Maybe they should foster when they have time for a pet,..I know someone else will be taking care of this dog..but what is so hard about picking a you think he's getting a dog just b/c everyone has in the white house?

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serena   Tioga, TX

2/19/2009 5:03:47 PM

obama needs a mini ausstralian shepherd they are great family pets and great with kids . best pets ever not to menction they are the one of the smartist dogs.


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mollie   boulder, CO

2/17/2009 6:14:53 PM

well i think u all are being kinda rude i mean this is his personal familly decision. And also its not that important... I LOVE DOGS!!!!

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who know who   well well well, YT

2/15/2009 12:32:01 PM

who cares what kind of dog this guy gets? however, i do think a CHINESE CRESTED would be the perfect fit, but i also think they shouldn't ask the public, the family needs to
also, who cares?????????????

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Sydney   Nixa, MO

2/12/2009 5:02:45 PM

I think your dog is going to be great for your family besides your dog is going to become history!

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Allie   lubrano, NJ

2/8/2009 5:13:20 PM

omg!obama and his family need a golden retriver they are cute and are playful perfect for his kids and they are smart too!

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Holly   Wisconsin Rapids, WI

1/31/2009 8:48:35 AM

Get a LABRADOODLE! I have one and she is cute,smart,playful, friendly,and non- shedding. What more can you want. They do have a lot of energy so they would need to talke their labradoodle on walks regularly.


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June Jimenez   San Juan, PR

1/31/2009 6:24:55 AM

My impression is that President Obama looks not so happy of getting a dog and he is merely giving up just to please his daughters. Is he really a dog lover? The ideal dog for the family and specially the president will be a Basset Hound. Thou a little stubborn they are very friendly and warm with their owners. Get a Basset Hound.

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Happy   Dallas, TX

1/30/2009 9:34:37 PM

I clicked on the link for the Labradoodle controversy and was redirected to a page of 17 more links. Which one am I supposed to click on to "Find out why"?

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Scarlett   Alpharetta, GA

1/30/2009 12:49:45 PM

I think the Obamas should adopt a stray. My second choice would be a boston terrier - besides, they are "the american gentlemen"!

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Ellen   Bal Harbour, FL

1/30/2009 11:50:53 AM

golden doodles RULE!!!

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Shelly   Irvine, CA

1/30/2009 11:46:06 AM

Any poodle mix would be a smart choice and reduce damage and cleaning needs at the White House.

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Ariel   St.Louis, MO

1/30/2009 11:11:50 AM

I think They should get a Labradoodle. The people against Obama getting a Labradoodle are the people against the breeding of Crossbred dogs. It has nothing to do with the unpredictability of them. On the contrary, Labradoodles, Specifically multi-generation Labradoodles, are quite predictable.

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E   Indianapolis, IN

1/22/2009 3:32:24 PM

I think President Obama should get a Labradoodle. The love to swim (not to say the Portuguese Water dog doesn't) they are very loyal, and they learn quickly. I have Dogsat a Labradoodle a few times, and he was about 1 year old - and I asked him to sit, and he sat! He had never learned any tricks before, he was just a puppy - and he could sit when I pointed at the floor! Anyways, I would suggest to get their dog from a Shelter, or from I got 3 of my dogs from a Shelter, and they are the most, lovable puppies in the world! Whereas, I got one of my dogs from a Breeder, and my cousin got one from the same mother dog, and they have many health problems (but we still love them of course) and mine is not very friendly with kids. When you get a dog from a breeder, they are not honest about their dogs - and they have health problems due to OVERBREEDING. When you get them from a Shelter they are honest about the dog. When you buy DOG FROM A BREEDER you are killing the mother, when you BUY A DOG FROM A SHELTER you keeping that many more dogs alive.

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Shirley   Redwood Valley, CA

1/11/2009 12:40:48 PM

Shih Tzu's don't shed and I found a pure bred at the shelter, He is as sweet as could be and they are very playful. Wonderful dogs for children.

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Cassie   Groton, SD

1/9/2009 7:17:19 PM

I think Obama should get a mixed breed, also stop animal testing, and lower cost to adopt a dog

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Alyssa   Falmouth, MA

1/9/2009 3:10:50 PM

I believe Obama should use the following websites to find his perfect pup: ; . These are highly efficiant, I used it to see what dog best fits me, and it was the best decision of my life (so far!). Also, if he is really a good person, he won't buy a pure-bred, a high-class winner, or the pretty pooch. Adopt a dog from a rescue. Save a life, don't buy one. With ♥ , Alyssa W.

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