Comments on Dogs in Review Interviews Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club (U.K.)

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Eric Green   Acworth, GA

1/19/2009 1:58:30 AM


I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Ronnie Irving. He was spot on in his opinion of the American dog show scene! We are an elitist group and if a similar issue arises (such as that of the current British scene) we only have ourselves to blame. The article regarding the health issue within the Dalmatian community gives evidence that some of us are light years behind in our thinking. From judges, to breeders to the so called professional handlers (not all but a good number of them) we look down our noses at everyone and isolate ourselves from commonsense thinking. Although I am not a fan of PETA or the so called humane society, I do see how our lame excuses for being the way we are will be our undoing. All this talk of what is needed and what the fancy needs to do falls on deaf ears. There is a better way to do things but are we really concerned with the future of the sport and the health of our dogs? Sadly, this society as a whole lacks compassion, decency, respect for others and humility and the dog game is just a reflection of a larger

Atlanta, Ga

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