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Karin   Pittsburgh, PA

2/11/2009 11:55:38 AM

I agree with Jane LIGHTEN UP! This is America and we have the freedom to pick the pets we want, I've had several purebreds and several shelter dogs. They were all wonderful.. I have a labradoodle pup, Stella, and she's wonderful, totally nonshedding and most of all, I LOVE HER! I think it's so interesting to read comments from people who are purebred owners and use the "overpopulation" reason to go to the shelter, why didn't they? It's a good thing for them that their ancestors didn't feel as they do or they probably wouldn't exist!!

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Jane   Honolulu, HI

2/2/2009 1:48:10 PM

I hope what ever their choice of new family member is, that they end up with an amazing dog.

I find it ridicules how some people are very critical, before the dog has even been chosen. So, lighten up, it is the newest member of the Obama Ohana, not yours!

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Donna   Limington, ME

2/2/2009 11:11:40 AM

Maybe he will go to a rescue?

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Patricia   Youngstown, OH

1/26/2009 8:16:52 PM

Whatever happened to the NEW president getting a SHELTER dog?? I remember him saying in one of his speeches that a SHELTER dog would be a MUTT like him! Did anyone actually think he would go to a shelter, and teach his children to care for an abandoned or abused dog?

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