Comments on Breed’s Recognition a Mixed Blessing

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Natalie   Greenbay, WI

2/17/2009 8:49:43 PM

The AKC is a really good organization. It is not really what the AKC does to the breed that is bad, it is how the breed is seen in the public eye. For example, super-popular breeds such as the chihuahua, dachshund, and golden retriever are now having multiple health problems due to b.b's and puppymillers producing millions of puppies every year to fill up their wallets, due to the society's want for the breeds. It is not what the registry does that is harmful- it is the un-careful puppymillers that are breeding dogs registered with this WONDERFUL organization. I think that the AKC should do more precise kennel checks, then it wouldn't be that bad of a problem. They should also only let breeders register their dogs with the AKC if they have passed a certain test or have a certificate of some sort. Or maybe they could only register dogs with the AKC if they pass a health clearence test. Now that, would be helpful to the dog world.

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