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siyeon   Edmonton, International

11/6/2015 12:59:02 PM

I'm looking for a male dog for my lab mix Bella. Is anyone live in Edmonton Canada? Please send me a mail. Bella is ready to be a good mom.

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Lane   Greenville, South Carolina

7/27/2014 6:04:43 AM

Hany, why don't you tell all those you consider to be riff raff how to pick out a stud dog. Or start you own topic entitled "Hany's dog breeding Blurb" then you can freely share all the misery that happens as a result of poor breeding practices. This topic; the one you have commented on, is about how to practice good ethics when choosing a stud.

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COCO   Dallas, TX

8/4/2012 3:21:41 PM


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Hany   Roanoke, VA

9/23/2011 5:16:50 AM

Wait! You forgot the part about 4 million dogs a year being put to sleep in America because people "love to breed 'em and hate to keep 'em". You forgot the part about the miracle of birth being such a cute idea for backyard breeder types who --- ooops! --- end up with a bigger litter than expected and consequently drop most of the puppies off at the local high kill shelter to get a lethal injection before they reach 4 months of age.

People cal talk all they want about the welfare of purebreeds and all that, but the vast majority of people who call themselves ethical breeders are doing a fine job of repaying man's best friend with death sentences, genetic train wreck DNA, and the highest heights of misery due to neglect from selling to poor
I'm not a PETA supporter. I have and love dogs. But an article like this, meant for riff raff types to get into the breeding game is irresponsible at best.

Don't buy while shelter dogs die. Adopt, don't shop.

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