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Cameron   Greenville, KY

6/24/2009 12:38:43 PM

Willie is having fun he`s cute!

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

5/2/2009 5:03:08 PM

Willie is so cute! He's having a blast. :) Great video!

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Dianne   Edmonton, AL

3/15/2009 12:11:32 AM

Yes he is having fun, however, won't stuffed animals and blankets become toys too for him, and won't he be chewing them like crazy? Reminds me of someone who gave their dog an old shoe to play with then complained when the dog chewed all their shoes.

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Sandra   Aberdeen, WA

3/7/2009 9:25:01 PM

What an adorable little sweetie. He sure is having fun with that toy, and who could blame him? It's awesome.

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Megan   Union, KY

3/5/2009 2:55:55 PM

He is too cute! I think that it is so awesome that they got him that!


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Arlene   Lutz, FL

3/3/2009 5:40:29 PM

Som many toys so little time! What fun!

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Yvonne   Clovis, CA

3/3/2009 2:25:12 PM

That was real cute. I want to know if there is a baby to use this after the dog? lol

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Darlene   Rossville,, GA

3/3/2009 9:28:19 AM

That is darling.

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Elly   Rockford, MI

3/1/2009 1:08:03 PM


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Max   Lackville, CA

2/9/2009 3:12:18 PM

That is sooooooo cute!


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