Comments on Supervalu Recalls Dog Biscuits

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Claire   Azusa, CA

2/10/2009 5:11:30 PM

that is very good to know. i'm glad i don't purchase that brand.

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s   3 oaks, MI

2/10/2009 4:17:04 PM

Scary, but thanks for the info!

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Jenn   Wheaton, IL

2/10/2009 11:46:02 AM

I'm glad I don't buy that brand....

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stacy   bel air, MD

2/10/2009 5:59:57 AM

This should not keep happening, it is very scary that this keeps happening. You feel like making food and treats at home to make sure that they are safe.

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Cheryl   Conway, MO

2/10/2009 5:53:52 AM

These recalls are getting scary. None of them had to happen.


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sally   las vegas, NV

2/10/2009 3:41:35 AM

Good to know.

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jeff   easton, CT

2/9/2009 8:36:52 PM


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Michele   Freeport, IL

2/9/2009 8:30:09 PM

I can't believe this is happening AGAIN.Companies need to be more careful and try to avoid this from happening.We need a better system.

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karen   little rock, AR

2/9/2009 6:27:35 PM

Everyday seems we have another recall.. It's so scary.

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