Comments on 'My Dog Rules!' Photo Contest Winners

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HC   Germantown, TN

1/3/2010 1:12:09 PM

They are all so cute! I bet it was hard to choose the winners!

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briannA   TX, TX

11/12/2009 3:59:08 PM

this dog is so cute can i buy it for two thousand one hounde

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Allie   Danville, CA

7/20/2009 12:26:11 PM

My friend and i entered her dog. I took the pic

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Rachel   South Lyon, MI

6/22/2009 10:14:06 AM

I should enter this. My labrador is very photogenic and we have lots of swimming pictures. I like Rio the Belgian Tervuren the best. I think he should have gotten at lest third place.

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Bernie   Irving, TX

6/5/2009 2:53:56 PM

You are all so cute. I especially like Brie and Tyle! How adorable!


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Ashley   Savanna, IL

5/22/2009 7:06:41 PM

Brie & Tyle what a awesome picture you should have won! Sadie you are a very pretty Boxer good pic I wish you would have one as well.

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Della   Madison Heights, VA

4/12/2009 6:35:34 PM

Great pictures.

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karen   little rock, AR

4/6/2009 7:03:29 PM

all of these are cute!

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