Comments on AKC’s Proposed Group Realignment

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Mat   Brooklyn, NY

2/16/2010 11:15:41 AM

Those opposed demonstrate a core ignorance of the domestication process and the link between basic types and basic behaviors and uses of different dog populations to humans around the world. I have read several opinions by owners of sled dog breeds thinking it was an insult to be removed from the Working Group, when the facts are that the Primitive (as in 'primary') Spitz and Dingo types retain most if not all the behaviors of dogs: hunting, tracking, herding, hauling: in effect All the work of dogs.

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Sidney   Eagan, MN

1/31/2010 2:45:52 PM

I agree that there needs to be a realignment. I am a faithful follower of the AKC and all the dog shows. It is wonderful that more dogs are involved as that promotes positive recognition for dogs and results in better treatment for all dogs. So go for it AKC. I am excited to see the changes. It will be fun.

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carrie   Lancaster, CA

6/8/2009 3:09:33 PM

I enjoyed this article and wish to be kept informed of the AKC's plans for the group alignment.

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