Comments on The Obamas’ Choice of First Dog Goes Swimmingly

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Barbara   North Reddington Beach, FL

8/15/2009 11:51:06 AM

What are the AKC nuts?!? I said a soon as knew they were choosing a Portuguese Water Dog that it was a foolish choice for a first time dog owner
1. They chew more than other
2. They bark more than other
Does the AKC really think Barack Obama can handle that? And I was proven right, too. Bo chewed up a conservative magazine (which earned him the dishonor of being that day's pinhead on the Oreilly Factor) and he kept Michelle Obama up all night by barking all night. I love Bo immensley, really, I do, and so I would rather be in a family that could better keep his habits under control, a family that could take care of him. Ah, well, good luck to the Obamas.

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