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Barbara   North Reddington Beach, FL

7/13/2009 3:59:27 PM

What was the AKC thinking? Obama's a BEGINNER dog owner, he can't handle the chewing and barking tendancies of a Portugese Water Dog! I knew it ever since Obama made the desision. And another thing have the Obamas TAKEN Bo to the beach yet (by the way, Obama, however is correct in believing PWDs herded fish into nets)!

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Lin   Seattle, WA

4/22/2009 6:35:01 PM

I love his white socks.

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lala   salinas, CA

4/22/2009 7:24:31 AM

bo is adorable!didnt obama said he was going to get a mutt like him.what happened obama has let me down

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stacey   odessa, TX

4/22/2009 5:02:18 AM

I think Bo is cute.that would be neat having him on dog channel.

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Holly   NYC, NY

4/21/2009 12:58:08 PM

I would've preferred the Obama's make a positive statement by getting a shelter dog - even rescuing a dog from "death row". Typical, once they're in power they forget the little people or average folk. Hopefully they will at least be responsible pet owners. He is adorable. BUT ADOPT!!!


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Helen   Newburgh, NY

4/21/2009 12:10:35 PM

He's very cute but they should have adopted a shelter dog like they said they were going to do.

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4/21/2009 11:42:14 AM


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Carolina Cuties 55872   Cary, NC

4/19/2009 12:53:47 PM

That would be something. Having Obama's dog, Bo, here on DogChannel as a faithful member. The Obama Family would be way to busy to post Bo a page and blog daily .. And there are (sadly) people out there that are going to try to make Bo a page .. NOT being a part of the Obama family at all .. You know. Either way, that little puppy has a waggin' tail with a smiling face. He seems to have found the right home.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

4/15/2009 11:43:06 PM


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AGW   Little Rock, AR

4/15/2009 5:43:48 PM

I don't like the name Bo. Dunno why. I guess this is nice news, a nice break from the gloom and doom that surrounds political news. I wonder how often the Obama's will even be having to take care of him... I'm sure he has his own team of trainers and nannies and janitors.


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E   Indianapolis, IN

4/15/2009 3:49:50 PM

Bo looks so

I hope he behaves really well, for the girls - and has

I'm sure he will, they are supposed to be intelligent, well-behaved

2 things I hope the Obama's will do

~ Make Bo a blog on Dog Channel,

~ Get a second dog, so Bo will have a doggy

Congratulations to the Obama's!

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A.R.K   Vero Beach, FL

4/15/2009 1:43:47 PM

I think the Obamas' made a wonderful dog choice. I am happy that Sasha and Malia are happy with Bo.

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Michelle   East Falmouth, MA

4/15/2009 9:27:04 AM

I am so pleased the the Obamas picked a PORTUGUESE WATER DOG. Our family has a 6yr old female and we love her dearly. She is kind, funloving and acts like a human. Sasha and Malia will love their new puppy and all its traits.

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Julie   Lewiston, ME

4/15/2009 8:42:07 AM

That dog is so cute and will be a great dog white house dog. I hope they get a chance to enjoy the dog and pay lots of attention and love to the dog.

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Courtney   Balltimore, MD

4/15/2009 7:54:34 AM

Nice choice of breed. This breed does need alot of time and excerise. Hope the first family has the time to be active with there new dog. I agree that this breed of dog is a good choice for them, but I would of liked to of seen the first family choose a mix breed from a shelter. This would of been a great opprotunity for americans to see that mix breeds are just as great as pure breeds and that there are so many mix breed dogs in need of homes. Now people may want to get a pure breed dog or a PWD like the first family, and there not gonna go to the shelters to abopt the mix breed dogs now. I love mix breeds and I think they are the same if not better then a pure breed dog.

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D   Indy, IN

4/15/2009 5:57:41 AM


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sal   la, CA

4/15/2009 4:23:09 AM

So cool!

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