Comments on Dog Frequently Escapes Yard

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Joanna   Andrews, NC

2/5/2011 7:02:46 AM

My mutt easily escapes from are yard. If he can't sqease out, he'll dig, if thats to no avail he'll climb. Iv'e seen him do it all 4 paws on a 4'' cicumference metal post. He's 8 now, but he still gets out. My family and I have given up. Now he stays in a roomy cage only.

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Natalie   Greenbay, KY

7/1/2009 1:02:13 PM

When my dachshund was a puppy, sometimes I had to keep her in a metal pull-out pen. She learned to actually pull herself up and over the bars, just like she would be doing pull-ups at the gym! She started this at 8 weeks old. Then, when she was old enough to be in the kitchen by herself, she would push a rollie chair up to the phone table, jump up on the chair onto the phone table, and jump down into our den. What a sneaky puppy!

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