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Jasper and Riley   St.Petersburg, FL

7/7/2011 1:30:45 PM

Awww... So cute!!! What website do you use?

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Max   San Juan, PR

6/16/2011 4:59:09 PM

Lacks moon walk

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Jennica   Largo, FL

1/6/2011 3:46:28 PM

Cocker Jackson ha!

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Julie   brlinten, NJ

11/21/2010 4:25:03 PM

Your dog is soooooooooooooooo cute!!! My bff has a shih tzu that's sooooooooooooooo cute too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jennica   NEW YORK, NY

8/12/2010 1:15:55 PM

Omg how cute!

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Hallie and Chip   Sayreville, NJ

8/3/2010 6:29:06 PM

that was so adorable!! my cocker spaniel was looking everywhere for the dog, and the singing!!!

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Martin   westington, KY

7/26/2010 9:54:51 AM

okay look i am so sorry but i think this article is a bunch of bullshit!!!!!!

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-   -, CA

7/17/2010 3:24:50 PM

wow your dog can sing! what a beautiful song!

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Abby   Oak Harbor, HI

7/7/2010 6:04:49 AM

Okay now that was the cutest video I have ever seen!!!


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Carly   Oak Harbor, NY

7/2/2010 10:04:38 AM

That was hilarious and so cute at the same time good job and I hope that stays on line for many years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bentley   colorado springs, CO

5/31/2010 9:16:19 AM

thats so cute

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Linda   Corpus Christi, TX

3/31/2010 12:39:39 PM

That was too adorable, very good!!

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bridget   abilene, TX

3/18/2010 2:56:26 PM


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Amanda   Wilson, NC

3/15/2010 4:47:47 PM

That is too cute!!

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Areial   Raleigh, NC

12/22/2009 2:52:15 PM

MIchael Jackson was one of my fans but, i didn't know dogs could make tributes, well, i guess theynhave to, to their fans also.<3

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Maggie   Lancaster, PA

11/9/2009 4:05:39 AM

very cute and well done. Although frankly I'd rather see something real here on the DC. A real dog doing something... Sorry

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Audrey   Madison, CT

11/2/2009 3:42:47 PM

That song was cute.

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Abby   Madison, CT

11/1/2009 2:14:00 PM


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Trinidy   hattiesburg, MS

10/24/2009 9:11:22 AM

best singing dog I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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