Comments on Keeping A Great Pyrenees Dog Cool

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Ellen   Salt Point, New York

10/12/2012 8:28:13 AM

My Great Pyrenees was a rescue I got because I volunteered to keep her while her family's home after a fire. That was 10 years ago! She has a wonderful personality and is in fact, a Therapy Dog who goes to a school for children with some pretty severe problems. I do have her shaved in the early summer when it begins to heat up with some pretty severe humidity. She seems very happy to have her haircut and is definitely more comfortable. I also have two other dogs (a german shepherd and a shepherd/greyhound cross) and three cats. She gets along well with all the others and will ever wash the cats like they are her pups. She hates to go out in the rain but loves to swim! Though I might hesitate to get another because of the hair problem, I would not hesitate to adopt another because her personality is that of a gentle, loving giant.

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Clarie - 258133   

8/2/2012 2:18:13 PM

You cannot cut a pyreneans hair because they have a special type of coat with 3 layers and that helps to keep them kool, they also malt a lot to get their summer and winter coats. You also can't chop their toenails off very much, while it looks ok to chop they have their toes/ feet still growing in them. You should only cut them when they start to curl
Just saying, I didn't get this off the Internet, I have one and she's beautiful!

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Bob   Centreville, VA

10/28/2011 9:51:08 AM

Very helpful information. Thanks.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

7/29/2011 3:12:30 AM

good article, thanks

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