Comments on California Intact Animal Cap Bill Moves Forward

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Jan   Phoenix, AZ

8/20/2009 2:47:58 PM

50 animals! That's way too many animals for anyone to have. With our pet overpopulation problem, the last thing we need is someone breeding so many animals. What is it with people these days! Haven't they ever heard of spay & neutering? Are the people who buy animals from breeders too good to go to a shelter and adopt a wonderful pet?

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Mandy   St Paul, MN

8/20/2009 9:34:37 AM

I'm not a huge fan of "Big Brother" stepping in and trying to regulate how people conduct aspects of their lives. But I am a fan of Bills/Laws such as this. The overpopulation of unwanted animals nowdays is a damn shame. All it takes is simple spaying and neutering to help this problem.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, CA

8/19/2009 10:48:35 PM

I don't think that they should limit them. Just have inspections and proper regulation.

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sk   nh, CT

8/19/2009 9:33:55 PM

good idea

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Karen   Standish, ME

8/19/2009 8:46:17 PM

Spay/Neuter works well too!!


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Christy   Covina, CA

8/19/2009 8:11:04 PM


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karen   little rock, AR

8/19/2009 7:30:19 PM

Some people need rules..Great idea!

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julie   lewiston, ME

8/19/2009 3:06:10 PM

thank you for this most informative article.

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Jenn   Wheaton, IL

8/19/2009 8:43:52 AM

The law will probably reduce the number of unwanted dogs/cats, so this is probably good.

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Tommy   pocatello, ID

8/19/2009 8:31:59 AM



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Michele   Freeport, IL

8/19/2009 7:55:35 AM

Great.Let's start to make some progress on all the pet over population we have.

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Jeff   San Jose, CA

8/19/2009 7:52:05 AM


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