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Laura   Detroit, MI

10/15/2009 7:28:43 PM

It's incredible how they have trained the dogs in this show and while they can't really interact with the cast on-stage, they are quite a sight when they do appear and do their tricks at the end of acts 1 and 2. If you keep in mind that the "adults" are being "kept" by the dogs in 101 Dalmatians the musical, you realize that they are the exotic creatures and the dogs are normal with true family thoughts and aspirations. This show is great for the whole family. The concept is very unique looking at it from the dogs perspective and if you read the original book by Doddie Smith it really pulls together. "Be a little bit braver was a fun number with the kids & so was Break Out" Rachel York has a powerful voice and Catia (Missus)is also lovely.

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