Comments on Marine Corps Bans Pit Bulls, Rottweilers

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Luci   Greenville, TX

6/11/2010 9:53:14 PM

I am a 10yr veteran of the Air Force. I have owned dogs all my life, in no particular order of breed. I have owned small, medium, and large dogs. I owe my life to the Rottweiler breed from infancy as I was born premature at 20 weeks/13oz. I agree whole heartedly that the dog's behavior and temperment is the product and effect of it's owner and those around it. If one breed is under orders to take and pass a 10-part Canine Good Citizen test, ALL dog breeds should be subject to this order. After all if their owners are military and under military law then so must the canine obey.

I currently own a rescued German Shepard, he is not a young dog and suprisingly he is tollerent of most everything. His only flaw is only myself, my 54yr old mother and my 2yr old son can approach/take/interfear with food/treats/bones. Not that this is done regularly, my mother and I do so for training and access incase he gains anything harmful to him and for his certification of therapy in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. My 2yr old intercedes under ignorance and misunderstanding, he's 2 and I sometimes get sidetracked with his brother and sister.

I dont understand the prejudice of breeds. I dont understand why the military cant see that the fault of "a vicious breed/dog" lies with the human. Many of the military working dogs have been of the "vicious breed" lists. We of all "communities" should be understanding of prejudies - we even now are subject to segregation and prejudice, why we place this on an entire breed/breeds I dont believe anyone will ever be able to explain.

Humanity, our race is doomed to be our own down-fall. Our prejudice(s) and fear(s) will be our distruction, the innocent lives of the loyal animals that we (humans) destroy and mistreat will succeed us on this Earth. I dont envy them to succeed our greed and selfishness. We dont even follow our own rules and regulatons.

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John   Oak Brook, IL

12/6/2009 9:53:35 PM

I was at a gas station once with my Rottweiler in my car. She had her head out the window and the woman who worked their came out to have a cigarette. My dog was just looking around and the woman walks over and says "That thing should have a muzzle on it."

Talk about stupidity.

I have had a lot of different breeds growing up in my family and since owning a Rottweiler I will never get another breed other than a Rottweiler. They are the best. Beautiful dogs, very calm, great with all people especially

One more problem I have is banning Rottweiler's from towns, villages and communities. A child molester can live in a town as long as people know about them but a Rottweiler can't because a good number of idiots have trained them to be violent.

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Sharon   Columbus, OH

12/2/2009 12:02:06 PM

Do these idiots realize that "Stubby" was one of the most medals military dogs ever? He served during WWI and guess what? He was a Pit Bull!! When is this obvious breedism going to end? Do we have to start making pit bulls drink from their own drinking fountains, and sit in the back of the bus before people realize how wrong this is? ALL DOGS BITE! If they have teeth, then they can be dangerous. It takes responsible owners to raise dogs right.

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Courtney   Stafford, VA

10/20/2009 6:09:50 PM

Well if they are going to ban pitbulls and rottweilers than they should also ban german shepards, bulldogs, bull mastiffs, boxers, chows, akitas, retrievers, etc. DONT ban the breed, ban the people who give these dogs a bad name! Oh and if your going to do a temperament test on pitbulls to grandfather them in... why don't you do it on ALL the dogs. If the dogs don't pass and they are a golden retriever do they get a pass cuz they arent a bully breed? NOT fair I think we HUMANS call that DISCRIMINATION

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Kirsten   Fort Wainwright, AK

9/26/2009 12:40:46 AM

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think temperment testing is a bad thing at all, but I feel that targeting certain breeds crosses the line. My husband and I own two rescue dogs with one of them being an Akita mix. Akita's are known for being more aggressive, but ours is a giant baby in every sense of the word. We were also supposed to get a Rottweiler, but it was accidently rolled over on as a small puppy before it was time for us to get it. My brother and sister-in-law own a Rottweiler and he is such a sweetheart! As far as Pit Bulls go, I have only met one Pit Bull that was slightly aggressive while playing with other dogs and all the others I have met have been the sweetest dogs ever! This one with a few issues had an owner that was not watching it (which I brought to his attention as he sat in is car facing away from the dog park and his animal) and obviously did not take good care of it. So, my point is this: it's not the dog, it IS THE OWNER. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive and I've met plenty of other dog breeds that have had many more problems that any of the "aggressive" breeds that I have ever met. My husband is in the US Army (we live on an Army post) and I have seen many pets who are not properly taken care of by their owners and none of these more aggressive dogs have been Pit Bulls or Rottweilers.


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Angela   BUD, WV

9/25/2009 7:52:16 AM

It does my heart good to see that ther are still some sane people out there;who know it's not a breed problem,but an OWNER
There are a lot of us out here in the U.S. who own and understand how to treat a pit bull;or any other breed for that
To those who are NOT STUPID about the breed:I THANK YOU!and so do my 3 pit bull babies.

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Martha   Stroudsburg, PA

9/25/2009 4:02:30 AM

I have a Rottweiler and a Cane Corso, plus two other dogs. I also own and run a pet sitting service out of my home and foster dogs for a rescue. We've had a houseful of Rotti's, pitts and mastiffs all together and never had an ounce of trouble. The problem lies within the owners of these dogs, not the dogs. This cannot be said enough and still it has not been fully admitted. They are extremely loyal, sweet and loving dogs. I have children, and they have never been hurt by any of these dogs. At present, I have three Rotties and one pitt. We love them.

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Douglas   Gloversville, NY

9/24/2009 6:50:00 PM

The hysteria of people ABSOLUTELY sickens me.The fact that the military believes this also disgusts me.Me & family have raised rotties for several years.I've had no problems.Because we trained as best we could,they were loving pets.As long as these unfortunate incidents keep happening.Narrow minded people will always thrive.Looking for every excuse they can to misinform people with fear & hatred for these breeds.No matter what the breed,it will always happen.But if trained right,they ARE man's best friend.

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Pam   Sophia, WV

9/23/2009 10:24:33 PM

Absolutely ANYONE who thinks this is a good idea is woefully ignorant. Why don't you take the time to actually learn about the breed before you pass such broad judgements? Any dog, regardless of breed, can be vicious. Viciousness depends not on bloodlines, but owner responsibility. It is exactly this kind of close-minded response that creates problems for a breed of dog that is, generally speaking, a loving, loyal and intelligent family companion.

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Lisa   Pittsburgh, PA

9/23/2009 6:02:23 PM

I think it's great! And the rest of the country should follow.


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michele   freeport, IL

9/23/2009 11:34:20 AM

ALL dogs living on base should have to pass a temperment test,not just the pits and Rotties.What a shame.

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Kate   Boston, MA

9/23/2009 10:36:11 AM

This is absurd. Ban the DEED not the BREED. Don't they know that pit bulls and Rottweilers make excellent service dogs? They're reliable, loyal, and easy to train. Less than a century ago pit bulls were the #1 dog in America, representing courage and loyalty. Are we going to let the despicable criminals who misuse these dogs change our perception of them? I'm disgusted.

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JD   Portland, OR

9/23/2009 8:27:47 AM

Good article

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Annie   Cleveland, OH

9/23/2009 7:15:32 AM

Again this is an unfair bias due to mass hysteria about a most misunderstood breed. Pit bulls are loving loyal pets and properly socialized and trained are wonderful family dogs. This just reinforced the BSL being proposed elsewhere that has been proven to do nothing to prevent dog attacks in other areas. Attention needs to be put on the owners and thier behavior, not the dog. A dog only knows what it's owner teaches!

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9/23/2009 7:07:14 AM

this is all i have to say about

RACIAL PROFILING IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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me   avon, NY

9/22/2009 10:11:54 PM

thats not fair

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Brittany   Kenner, LA

9/22/2009 8:10:10 PM


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Sadie   Tempe, AZ

9/22/2009 7:01:14 PM

Great idea! More people need to take their dogs through training. It helps people learn how you can teach your dogs to do what is right through positive reinforcement, making it fun for the dog, instead of doing something out of fear. It's sad to say, but more people than dogs need the training.

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Robin   Shreve, OH

9/22/2009 5:19:38 PM

I rescued a Pit Bull 6 months ago. From body evidence I know she was used as a breeder, kept in filthy conditions, and starved. She was seen being thrown from a car on a country road. She has passed her American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen test and is now a Registered Therapy Dog. Please go after IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS. These are great dogs! I also have a Rough Collie (like Lassie), and a Portuguese Water Dog. They are Registered Therapy Dogs too. The Pit gets along with my dogs, my cat, and loves people. Please do not use Breed Specific Legislation as a Placebo to solve an IRRESPONSIBLE OWNER problem.

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Teresa   Canada, ON

9/22/2009 5:01:19 PM

I shake my head in disbelief everytime I read or hear those words, "dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs". How absurd. Just because they belong to those gladiator breeds does not mean they are automatically dangerous. Get the real facts and stop relying on society induced hysteria.

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