Comments on Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing Is Crucial for Dogs

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Karen   Wetfield, Massachusetts

8/19/2013 3:13:11 PM

My dog died 7 days after having eye surgery. His blood tests were good on April 17,13. Surgery was on May 16, 13 and suddenly he became very ill, was hospitalized and died on May 22nd, 7 days later. They said it was his liver. Should they have done more blood-work immediately before surgery to check for changes? I feel like this was a wrongful death. I am not going to give up investigating this. Drugs, vaccinations and anesthesia are all poison!! More awareness of holistic animal care needs to be educated to the public. Most vets today are only out to make money. I am severely depressed since I lost my precious dog that I loved and cherished. How can we begin to spread the word on improper care. Is anyone with me on this fight?

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

4/9/2013 3:21:02 AM

I know that anaesthetic is used when a dog gets their teeth cleaned. Should the pre blood testing be done at this time also?

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Andy   Newcastle, International

3/26/2013 6:15:14 PM

My dog underwent anaesthetic to get a nail clipped back, directly afterwards he had a funny smell which we learned was caused by kidney failure. He was put to sleep less than 4 weeks later. They said it was chronic renal failure which I highly doubt because the smell suddenly appeared after his anaesthesia, which leads me to believe that they messed it up like in this post :(

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