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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

2/22/2013 5:11:48 AM

Good article! thanks

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tamara   gainesville, VA

3/31/2012 7:54:17 AM

ibought a 10 weeks old maltese almost two weeks ago ,she is so cute and i love her to death. in the begining didnt want to put her in the crate but she made alot of mess around a house so i bought a crate and every two hour or so i take her outside and even through out the night i take at least two time and i can tell you guys in two weeks i lost three pounds :( she doesnt make a mess in her crate which is a good thing , she almost knows that inside its not a place for pee or poop but i dont take a chance , the only thing i still have problem with her biting and chewing , every time she bite i look to her eyes and change my tone and say no and if she continue i tell her bad girl and put her back to her crate and ignore her and of course she wining and begging for coming out . so im sure i have a long way to go to train her but she is worth it. you guys should see her how cute she is every time i take her to pets smart store and people coming with their dogs they complitely forget their dogs and want to paly with her .she is a true princess and the bad part of it that she knows it and take advantage of it

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Jamie   Englishtown, NJ

1/12/2012 10:54:41 AM

I have a 10/11 weeks old German shepherd girl who won't walk on the leash to get some exercise. We had to drag her to do a short walk. My family and I know she needs a lot to burn off energy. She is a good girl, but sometimes she goes crazy and running around the house like a maniac. She keeps biting me like I'm a plaything. I mean it always constant telling her "NO" in a firm voice. Its gets very tiring. My father isn't home very much which annoyed mom and I. Any tips on walking her would be great.

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Pam   Clearwater, FL

10/20/2010 7:34:25 AM

I have a Terrier puppy. He'll be 5 months tomorrow. He's real good about everything (pottys outside, walks are ok and so on) except using me as his play toy. He bites my feet and toes while barking at me. He does'nt bite hard, just constantly following me around biting and barking. I've tried waiting 3 seconds between barks and say Good boy, NO BARK. Doesn't work. Any suggestions or comments?

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Pam, NY

8/5/2010 6:27:28 AM

The article is bringing back vivid memories. We have two shitpoo puppies that are male and are now 6 months old. We have done the crate training, taken them out every hour, rewards, treats, praise, and still they will go out side for 15 minutes and come back in the door and after removing the leases do it on the floor. They lay it it, play in it and now of all things to be polite with some of it clean it up themselves. I am frustrated beyond belief and am at witts end. One of the breeders told me to add pineapple to their diet, which I did ( unsweetened and they like that too.) I got them neutered figuring maybe that is the problem but unfortunately we still have the problem and it seems to be getting worse. Thanks for letting me know someone else has had the issue but please help me try to solve it.


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Hilary   Houghton, NY

2/26/2010 8:21:37 AM

I love reading articles like this. It makes me feel so much better about my frustrations with my new puppy! Good to know it's not just me. Thanks!

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