Comments on Vet to Study Oldest Living Pet Dogs in U.S.

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Norma   Edgewater, MD

12/27/2011 1:38:17 PM

Update on my comment in 2010. Today is Dec. 27, 2011 - Harry, our OESheepdog, was diagnosed with bone cancer in his front paw and passed on Thansgiving, 2010. (he was 11/1/2). Dory is now 15 , soon to be 15 1/2 next month and her baby, Paddles is now 11. Dory is deaf but reads signals (glad we taught her when she was a pup) and has a skin infection we have been treating since August - we have been told by several Vets that it is her immune system wearing down and the skin infection is a bacteria. With several blood tests, she has an underactive thyroid which is being treated now. Both Potugese Water dogs still play and romp like they are puppies and enjoy their
Would love to hear from anyone with aging PWD's!

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Derik   Bensalem, PA

10/31/2011 8:17:38 AM

Today my dear mother had to put her sweet Old English Sheep dog to sleep. She is a wonderful, loving owner who had kept a family pug alive to age 19. Rollo the Sheep Dog was 13 years and 7 months old at his passing. He was very much loved and will be sorely missed. I do not know a better friend to animals than my loving mother and I

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Carlton   Myrtle beach, SC

2/3/2011 8:44:17 AM

My Samson, a warlock Doberman, was born march 10, 2000. He is very energetic and healthy. Everyone that meets him thinks he's 2 or 3, and shocked to learn that he's 10 soon to be 11. Samson is my heart and soul and friends call him "the gentle giant". He has out lasted my wife and two girl friends. He is a warlock and stands 31" tall and 92 pounds. These are great dogs and would recomend them to anyone that has time to spend and train them. Great companion!!

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Natalie   Cumming, GA

10/19/2010 12:10:05 PM

Sampson, our bloodhound, is approaching 12 years old. I am trying to find out if this will be a record in age for a male bloodhound!

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Norma   Edgewater, MD

9/30/2010 6:02:19 PM

Our female Portuguese Water Dog is 14...her son is 10 tomorrow. Our Old English Sheepdog is 11
Their health is excellent with the exception of the Sheepdog, Harry, who does have some hip problems. They are fed BilJac and ground beef and green beans and are wonderful friends to each other.


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Hollis   Valle Crucis, NC

9/3/2010 5:44:09 AM

Interesting. My Australian Sheppard is 15 years old. She has lived outdoors all her life and been fed mostly Purina.

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Maria   West Palm Beach, FL

7/26/2010 2:57:12 AM

My minature poodle, Leo, turns 16 today, July 26,2010. I told him we are going for the Guinness Book of World Records, which I understand is 21.

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Kim   Edmonton, AB

3/14/2010 8:51:57 PM

I wonder if this is pure bread specific or in general. This would be interesting to hear about later.

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karen   little rock, AR

3/14/2010 10:31:25 AM


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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

3/13/2010 7:46:32 AM



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Dan   Tacoma, WA

3/12/2010 1:51:13 PM

I have an eight year old austrilian sherpard/Lab.(all
she is very active and healthy. She has never had puppys, but she recently became pregant by a black Lab. I am concerned about her age and wonder if it is safe for her to have the pups. she is about three weeks along.. any advice ??

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Stephanie   Webster, TX

3/12/2010 6:54:23 AM

I wonder is this study is being done on any other breeds of dogs.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

3/11/2010 11:24:11 PM

An interesting project. I hope we get to see the results.

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Rob   Wind Gap, PA

3/11/2010 11:04:47 AM

I Just had to put my female Rotty to sleep 2 weeks ago, 1 month shy of her 14th birthday. Had to do it because of bad arthritis, no other health issues. Miss her so much!!!

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Melissa   Farmington, NM

3/11/2010 10:44:52 AM

Horray for senior dogs!!

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Maria   Tacoma, WA

3/11/2010 10:29:50 AM

My son lost his Golden Retriever at the age of 10.He died of cancer. It is about time that canines are studied for disease, longevity and basically what makes them so loyal. Dog food should also be included in the study. I believe it contributes to a dog's
Thank you.

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BAK   Bensalem, PA

3/11/2010 8:42:50 AM

The 15 stops are the only known 13+ Rottweilers alive.

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JD   Portland, OR

3/11/2010 8:10:36 AM

Why only certain states? Why not a city or town from each state?

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