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Glenda Farrington   Winston-Salem, NC

4/23/2011 12:25:39 PM

I have been purchasing the Animal Rescue stamps ever since they became available. I was told that every stamp purchased, the animal rescue organization would get a portion of what I pay for the stamps and every little bit would help homeless animals, both cats and dogs. I hope this is true. Please advise me!

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Debb8e   Santa Clara, CA

1/22/2011 4:59:33 PM

Being an animal lover, when I saw these stamps at the Post Office, I asked if the money went to helping animals and the guy told me yes. I also asked if I was being charged any additional money and he told me no. I promptly bought a package. Well, he was wrong on both accounts. I am very disappointed with the USPS reps at my postal office for being dishonest. However, I am glad the message is getting out there that our four-legged friends need our help. I just wish the money (the extra $3 I was charged) was going to the animals in need and not the government.

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Kathy   Dousman, WI

10/18/2010 7:39:12 PM

Love these stamps. I was opening mail at work and noticed these stamps and thought how great. Had not heard of them before.

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Me/P   Bend, OR

5/26/2010 12:22:38 PM

Can anyone tell me the breed of the dog in the top left hand corner of the stamp collection Animal Rescue?

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Shannon   Pendleton, IN

4/20/2010 9:50:03 AM



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Jeanne   Grand Rapids, MI

4/14/2010 4:49:08 PM

The money from the stamp sales is going to the US Postal Service. I wrote the USPS and asked! According to a spokeswoman for the USPS here's the
"Thank you for your message and for the opportunity to set the record straight. The Postal Service is prohibited from donating proceeds from the sale of its products and services to any organization, corporation, agency or entity. The Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps are the social awareness stamp this year, the latest in a long, proud history of placing a subject/topic on a postage stamp to draw awareness and attention to the importance of understanding a larger issue. In the past, these stamps have promoted the importance of jury duty, the AMBER Alert and Alzheimer's disease. Please know that no organization is benefitting financially from these stamps. You should feel fere to share this message with anyone who has any concerns.

Public Relations and Promotional Communications"

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Toni   Bedford, IA

4/14/2010 4:43:13 AM

Where is the money from these stamps going? If it is going to the Humane Society of the United States, the money will NOT make it to shelters that house pets. According to their most recent financials released, only one half of ONE percent of their donations went to shelters.

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Connie   Cedarville, OH

4/13/2010 8:43:52 AM

Great Idea! I hope it is a very successful campaign and that everyone will buy these stamps.

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Mary   Mechanicsville, MD

4/9/2010 7:32:42 PM

Awesome - I cannot wait to buy them. Love my cats and dogs, and I volunteer with PAWS.

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June   Phoenix, AZ

3/21/2010 6:29:15 PM

It would be neat to buy a whole sheet of these and have them framed.


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katie   taylor, MI

3/21/2010 10:05:53 AM

Great Looking Stamps

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JJ   Miami, FL

3/21/2010 8:32:50 AM

Cool stamp but don't care for Ellen.

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sal   nh, CT

3/20/2010 11:14:55 PM


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cat lady   catsville, CO

3/20/2010 3:56:43 PM

SWEET!!! This is so cool. I LOVE cats and dogs and I LOVE collecting postage stamps!

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Tina   ABQ, NM

3/20/2010 2:52:40 PM

thats so cool!

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Brian   LV, NV

3/20/2010 7:25:33 AM


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Liza   Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

3/20/2010 4:48:12 AM

"stamps to the rescue"...I like it!

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

3/19/2010 11:57:14 PM

I hope there isn't an Ellen stamp.

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

3/19/2010 6:10:24 PM


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ME   Tempe, AZ

3/19/2010 6:04:29 PM

Wow! This is fantastic! I'm definitely going to buy them.

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