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vivian - 188964   merion station, PA

11/6/2013 9:17:15 PM

I will start college after I've earned enough money from my day job as a house guard. I know that classes, books and student activities aren't cheap.

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paul - 7067   germantown, AL

8/9/2012 8:32:23 AM

wher is new questions

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Shakira   London, IN

5/31/2012 1:15:44 PM

I scored more than 60% and still didn't get a diploma for session 400, yet I got a diploma for 100, 200 and 300 :(

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Nina   Park Ridge, IL

5/20/2012 8:18:12 AM

its had and the reading is long we should get more points.

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Jeanne   Albinay, OR

5/17/2012 10:22:41 AM

Neither my email nor my user name work for signing up for a level 1


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DCWebEditor   Irvine, CA

5/16/2012 1:21:14 PM

@Linda and Lisa - Thank you for your interest in Dog College. Click here registration.aspx to view the course catalog. To register, click here aspx?check=y&wid=1&target=college%2fregister. aspx%3factivityid%3d3616

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linda   fitchburg, MA

5/14/2012 6:47:13 PM

I would like a catalog if possible.

Linda if not possible can you give me the link or site so I can read about it thank you

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Lisa   Harrisburg, PA

5/14/2012 9:32:48 AM

I clicked on "Get started now" but no classes came up. Do I have to type something special in? PLEASE HELP!!!

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Rosa   Middleburg, FL

4/28/2012 1:04:58 PM

This does seem interesting, i think i might try it out for all dogs sake.

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christine   kingman, AZ

4/14/2012 9:45:10 PM

i think will try this out!!


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Kenzie   Heber Springs, AR

3/29/2012 6:09:39 AM

How do I get on to the course? Where do I go?

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Richard   Fort Worth, TX

3/20/2012 10:42:30 AM

Finished all four. HOOAH

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Stephanie   Nampa, ID

3/15/2012 3:25:46 PM


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Ellen   ellencrutchfield@, MI

3/7/2012 9:04:02 AM

I am looking for a school that teaches Dog Machage Thearphy Ok on line , Ass. Degree wanted

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syed minhaj ali   jersey, NJ

2/17/2012 10:33:42 AM


how are you i syed minhaj ali and i have a question . in europe dog tail docking is unlawfull but i saw inthe cruft's dog show they docked the tails. i don't uderstand.

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brett   seneca falls, NY

2/6/2012 1:48:03 PM


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lauren   owenton, KY

1/16/2012 10:47:25 AM

is the college just called dog college? and where is this college at?

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arnel   reseeda, CA

1/15/2012 6:10:05 AM

ill try it, seems very interesting

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DC Web Editor   Irvine, CA

10/31/2011 11:54:39 AM

@Cheryl The classes are now in open enrollment and no longer cumulate in a degree. You can however earn club dog points for all of the quizzes.

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Cheryl   Tinley Park, IL

10/30/2011 6:57:23 PM

When would I get a Diploma? I passed the nutrition with an 80%. Do I have to take all of the classes to get one? Thank you

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