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Zookeeper   Columbia, MO

8/7/2013 1:33:51 PM

Was the chart for iams dog food?

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Sue   Nashua, NH

5/1/2012 7:24:47 AM

Like the chart but have a question as to why AAFCO still promotes puppy food for pregnant females? Studies have shown you should NOT use puppy food til after the dam whelps as puppy food can put on too much weight and cause a difficult whelping

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Bret   Leeds, UT

2/26/2012 4:32:05 PM

Interesting Information!

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kate   BL, WI

8/16/2011 10:24:01 AM

i don't like that it iams it would be better if it was blues or fromm dog food just saying but it lest has iams :) thanks

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Bethany   Fayetteville, TN

6/16/2011 7:28:10 AM

That's awesome!


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Mary   Melbourne, FL

10/2/2010 1:22:33 PM

This was very informative about the different types of food that's out there for specific types of dogs.

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Carol   Silver Spring, MD

10/1/2010 7:45:03 PM

I understand that the financial support of sponsors makes this site and its programs possible. However this blatant advertising for Iams is too much.

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Happy cowboys   Weston, FL

9/6/2010 4:57:41 AM

Hard to read and i don't think kibble is superior to real fresh food. It also sometimes has additives and colorings which can make a dog sick. I know this because I gave my dog the kibble called scooby snacks and her, uh, droppings were green and purplish!!! It was disgusting. Srry to gross u out, but it's true! We never bought scooby snacks or any kibble with coloring again!!!

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Deborah   Reno, NV

9/3/2010 10:12:58 PM

I did not like this chart.

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Alaric   Mars, PA

7/3/2010 9:26:49 AM

For the most part I've enjoyed Dog College immensely, but a "nutrition chart" in the form of a barely disguised advertisement for a specific brand of dog kibble is inappropriate. At the least it indicates a severe conflict of interests. There are other kibble manufacturers who offer equally nutritious (or far better) products as Iams. The "nutrition chart" also implies that commercial kibble is somehow superior to feeding your dog real, fresh nutritional food.


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eddy   selangor, MA

6/29/2010 9:17:12 PM

good and but ik known what are specific food i.e. what type of vegetables,meat includes how much weight.

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Barbara   East Derry, NH

6/23/2010 5:14:36 PM

Very informative.

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Mariana   Sayville, NY

6/13/2010 4:23:16 PM

I didn't really enjoy this chart.

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Cheryl   Owosso, MI

6/2/2010 6:24:19 AM

Great resource tool. I am a dog care and training 4-H leader and I saved it for future uses and club training info.

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Pat   Clarksville, MA

5/16/2010 2:58:42 PM

Great for me to keep on hand when a training client askes about a food issue/problem

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Alice   Henderson, NV

5/3/2010 1:31:49 PM

Very informative, I have an older dog that is starting to gastrointestinal problems, so the area on sensitive stomachs was helpful.

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Jewel   Hazel Crest, IL

4/25/2010 1:32:33 AM

this chart explains briefly & straight to the point...

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Kim   Allentown, PA

4/24/2010 8:52:54 AM

Excellent resource.

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nedra   potter valley, CA

4/21/2010 7:28:21 PM

i like the chart, explains a lot

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Diane   Munising, MI

4/18/2010 8:07:12 PM

I think the breed specific part is right on the mark. Having an English bulldog, I have found that the ingredients in food play a huge part in how well a operates.

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