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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

2/10/2013 3:14:31 AM

I clip my dogs nails about every 4 weeks, because I do it regularly my dog has no problems with getting this done and I have become proficient in doing nail clipping.

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skiw9748   Hartford, AL

11/21/2012 9:22:45 PM

2458881 - A demonstration would be better !

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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

9/27/2012 10:09:07 AM

Could have used a demo on how to do the clipping. Thanks!

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mary   teh, CA

8/1/2011 8:38:45 AM

She looks as if she's reading off of a card.

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Nancy   Gilbert, AZ

4/21/2011 8:40:54 PM

I was hoping to see a demonstration. I'm always afraid I'll do it wrong and hurt their paws. No help here.


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Kim   Tucson, AZ

4/3/2011 10:19:32 AM

sounds like an intro only. Where is the heart of the information?

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wyldhunny   The Gorge, WA

10/6/2010 1:29:11 AM

i agree candy, it is missing a lot of information, a demo would have been nice also. and also showing different equipment like dremmels, files, clippers, etc. i have never heard of the ones that detect the nail quik and will look into those.

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candy   lafayette, IN

8/6/2010 5:41:28 AM

this video was not what I expected to hear. How do you clip your dogs nails?

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