Comments on Merrick Expands Dog Treat Recall to All Lots

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nicki   anaheim, CA

8/21/2010 10:24:32 AM

if you research what's in the dog food and treats you'ed never feed it to a dog you love. I mean rendered animals, styrafoam, maggots, medications given to the sick animals before there euthanized... I feed my dogs raw, organic hormone free meats and organic veggie blends

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Doxie Lover   Douglasville, GA

8/20/2010 1:42:31 PM

I cook our dogs their food. They either get turkey, lamb, chicken or Beef and Rice with green beans, and carrots. I make enough to do a week or two. If I have a lot then we freeze some. If we do feed our dogs dry it will be Kirkland dog food they love it and it's never been recalled. I also make up our own doggie treats. They eat fruits and veggies. I love my babies and don't want to kill them with nasty poision food.

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Donna   Edmonton, AB

8/20/2010 7:45:18 AM

I only feed my dog human grade dog food and organic treats. Being a lab and a rather big one I am buying a big bag of food every 4-6 weeks, and sometimes worry about the cost, but with all these recalls I am glad that I don't give my Oliver anything that I wouldn't eat myself

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Sandi   Schenectady, NY

8/20/2010 5:18:48 AM

I've always kept my dogs on Purina products since they were puppies, never had a recall. Purina has many good varieties for both dogs and cats. But they do love Milk Bone dog biscuits. You should always check the packaging before purchasing, make sure the bags are not torn/open.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

8/17/2010 10:32:31 PM

Seems like no food is safe. Maybe it never has been and we're only just finding out about it now.


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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

8/17/2010 7:14:18 PM

What's going on with all the recalls lately?

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Sharon   South Bend, IN

8/17/2010 3:41:33 PM

This is so scary! It is the same with the dog food recalls. It makes you think twice before giving your dog a treat or dog food. The only treat I am giving my dog and I can trust is Blue Dog Bakery all natural, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They make 6 different products. I trust this treat for my dog Schooner.

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TC   Houston, TX

8/17/2010 1:00:49 AM

Great! when is this going to stop?

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