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Nancy   Bel Air, MD

1/14/2011 10:16:15 AM

Watching this just about broke my heart. I hope one day all states will outlaw puppy mills like PA finally did. Fancy is a beautiful Golden girl. I very much admire the rescuers and those special people who work to rehabilitate these dogs.

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Julie   Wilmingtonq, DE

12/5/2010 2:16:04 PM

Heather is wonderful and so is DVGRR.We have been involved with them for 10 years, adopted 2 Goldens from them. It is the best facility, clean, and they work with the dogs to prepare them for home life. It's amazing the transformation.

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Heather   Reinholds, PA

11/11/2010 9:05:13 PM

Click on this link (or copy and paste) to see "Fancy" (the golden) three weeks later. Her transition was amazing thanks to all the Project Home Life volunteers and staff at DVGRR.

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Heather   Reinholds, PA

11/11/2010 9:01:45 PM

Hi Everyone! This is a video shot three weeks later of "Fancy" the dog in the original video. I think it's important for everyone to actually see the transformation from her original state at intake.

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