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Dottie   St Louis, Missouri

7/19/2013 2:38:57 PM

In my area, near St Louis, Mo. we have a GREAT dog show venue at Purina Farms Events CEnter, they publiize shows, but the show giving clubs almost NEVER offer any publicity. We also have the AKC museum of the dog located here---Anybody hear of t? It is located in a beautiful county owned park and could be the site of all sorts of educational acctivies. Herding demos. earthdog trials, service dog demos. police K9 work, there are lakes in the park where water retrieves could be done. All of this would not have to cost anyone anything. There is a meeting room in the dog museum where talks could be offered. When National Secialities are going on at Purina the dog meseum could devote asmall spacce to art work of that breed and educate people about many different breeds.

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