Comments on Missouri Adopts Breeder Compromise

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Dog Lover Mo.   Darlington, MO

5/4/2011 11:40:23 AM

All anyone has to do is visit any so called dog shelter to see what the real problem is. 90% of these dogs are mutts, crossbreds, caused by irresponsible dog owners who don't have enough sense to protect their female from getting bred. They then dump the the pups at the pound for someone else to deal with. Will more dog laws prevent this??? Not unless fines are levied against such stupidity.

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dog lover   ---, WV

5/4/2011 7:27:44 AM

i think every state needs to do this. forcing these "so called" breeders to provide better care and living areas for the dogs that they are neglecting. once they see how difficult its going to be to do all is required now, maybe they wont be able to do it, and will have to shut down their breeding program. good. there are too many dogs out there to be breeding and breeding and breeding just to make a buck. why must people keep adding to the problem? the problem of too many dogs without homes, food, water, care, etc. i hope to see this turn into a nation wide bill.

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