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Kiki   Naperville, IL

5/22/2011 7:50:01 PM


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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

5/22/2011 7:30:50 AM


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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

5/21/2011 11:21:31 PM

Great information. Should be more universally known. Thanks for getting the knowledge out there.

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Mike   Columbia, TN

5/20/2011 4:19:16 PM

Great information! I hope that everyone has a great weekend and I hope that they have a great Armed Forces Day! That goes for last year and all the other years that I've missed.

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Teresa   Toronto, ON

5/20/2011 4:23:59 AM

I hope this information can be shared in all the schools in Canada. I have seen far to many incidences where children will run or start screaming. Most times they do both. The outcome is predicable. Ofcourse, no matter what, it is always the dogs fault and they get put down.

This happened to my 16 year old lab mix. She had bad eyesight, was hard of hearing and was only trying to figure out who was on our property and the nieghbour started over reacting. She bit the neighbour and they sued us and the dog had to be put down. Until this incident we had never had any problem with her. I do not blame the dog and I do not speak to my neighbour.


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