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Bec&Maya   Edmonton, AB

10/28/2012 6:11:08 PM

thanks for the info in this class

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Sarah - 243618   Port Charlotte, FL

9/21/2012 1:08:30 PM

Dog Law is not one of my strong points, but this class was informative and hit a hot spot when it comes to dog bites and vaccines. I sure hope they lift the vaccination laws.Especially since it has so many adverse reactions and is damaging to the health of our pets. Vaccinations are just as equally harmful to us.In my opinion (if I could share my opinion) Vaccinations are just another method of population control. We have rights and as pet owners we should have a say.

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Kiley Rae   Omaha, NE

3/8/2012 10:09:32 AM

Did you guys know about the "1 bite" law? I wouldn't think there'd ever be or have been a loophole to liability in any form from a bite... and both of our family dogs are not pit-bulls or mixes but are still often-targeted breeds. My dogs have always been trained that they are not to bite, regardless. No matter what, it will be an escalation of whatever the situation if they do.

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paul   COLD SPOT, SK

6/16/2011 8:35:51 AM

this dog law was a lot easier then the last one. no controversy on answers.

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