Comments on Click To Help A Vet Get A Service K9

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emiliehart   Wesson, Mississippi

8/3/2015 4:38:02 PM

HaHa so cute

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Laurene   Battle Creek, MI

12/15/2011 1:54:09 PM

I would like more informaiton on referring veterans for service dogs. I am a cse manager for OEF/OIF veterans. I am constantly asked about who to contact about PTSD service dogs. PLease send me all information you have and any contact informaton available.

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Silvia   Atwater, CA

5/31/2011 5:56:01 PM

What a wonderful idea. Our 1st Shih Tzu helped my Husband with his stress syndrom from Viet Nam. Big dogs are a good idea but someone should look into small ones also. There are so many in shelters they can help each other. gtoid bless U all for doing this.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

5/30/2011 11:56:52 PM


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Judy   Oak Lawn, IL

5/30/2011 7:11:44 PM

In a recent trip to my local VA hospital, I met one of these dogs in the PX. His vet was so happy with his dog. I think it's a wonderful thing


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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

5/30/2011 6:58:14 PM


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