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Paula   Wasilla, Alaska

5/11/2014 8:41:09 PM

My son's best friend had a cat named Kitty Purry. I guess he likes Katie Perry. I thought it was cute and clever. Also Snarls Barkley would be a good name for a dog lover who likes basketball.

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Rhonda   Prior Lake, International

11/14/2013 9:37:56 AM

My neighbors the Kramers have a dog named Kosmo.

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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

10/10/2013 10:37:53 AM

Very interesting name selections.

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Karen - 251689   Zephyrhills, FL

9/7/2013 9:08:02 AM

Both my dogs are rescue and named for the conditions when brought to me. E.T. (lab/boxer) was found along side of road, struck by a car. Moonbeam or "Moobee" (Staffordshire/Boston bull) was given to me by vet who rescued her from family who was trying to kill their dog's litter.--Also, rescued were two African pygmy goats. One I had to euthanize, the other, "Baby Goat", surprised me with three babies: Zulu, Sudan, and Morocco. Two more are named Zimzim (Zimbabwe) and Zamzam (Zambia).All my recues have received DNA and sterilization.

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Vicki   Waynesboro, Virginia

9/1/2013 8:19:10 AM

I have a Yorkie and named her Izzy Belle.


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shari   houston, International

8/29/2013 10:41:25 PM

pit mix named rollo

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susan   pearland, Texas

8/5/2013 6:18:57 PM

I have a Bandit McBarkington & a Sir Oscar Lixalot!

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Joan   Jasper, Georgia

7/22/2013 1:55:11 PM

Our son named our late chocolate retriever SixPack. He wasn't quite muscular, but was a loving, sweet and protective dog.

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HHT   cjjj, Federated States of Micronesia

7/18/2013 8:18:41 PM


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Heather   Ottawa (Canada), International

5/13/2013 6:45:43 PM

Our English Springer Spaniel came to us aged 3 from the local Humane society; his given name was Kippa. I did not know what significance this name had, but he was a fascinating mixture of crazy run-all-day energy, with incredible focus (especially for balls and food) yet VERY laid-back especially with other dogs (he would ignore all of them) as if he was way above them in social class! So, he quickly obtained the name Mr. (Alexander) Kipnis (after the famous Russian baritone). Our Mr. Kipnis soon proved to be something of an escape artist (in spite of our newly-installed fencing); he then became 'Houndini' (or sometimes, 'Houndini Spozzolini'--due to his ticked coat). As well, he developed quite a taste for discarded paper products around the house, which meant trying to stay one step ahead of his cleverness in getting into bathroom rubbish a result, he has acquired yet another name: 'Osama Bin Raider'!! He is now 10 years old; mellowing only slightly so far--but our Mr. Kipnis happens to be an outstanding Flyball dog ("2011 Fastest U-Fli English Springer Spaniel--Recognized as a Breed Ambassador") so we love him to pieces no matter what we call him on any given occasion (depending on what he's been up to!)


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Ridin4cures   Ooltewah, TN

3/20/2013 7:58:32 PM

I always wanted to name a dog "What" !!!!! Think about going to the vet. Yes sir and the name of your dog? What... The name of your dog! What... SIR THE NAME OF YOUR DOG!!!! What... Could prove to produce a chuckle or two...

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jesia   ne3w ork, New York

11/19/2012 7:28:12 PM

wellllllllle imy dog isnamw ebuddddddddddddy like from awirew buf

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susan   rifle, Colorado

9/10/2012 10:44:38 AM

My short hair Border Collie Name is NEO? Help us pick a new name, Susan & Neo Male 5yr old.

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Dawn - 253348   

6/14/2012 7:30:53 PM

I have had 2 dogs in my 36 years, Cutie Pie White, I got after my brothers dog gave birth to a liter when I was 7. She lived 15 years and was a Terri-poo, she died from heart failure and kidney failure. In 2000, I got "Figgy" (for short) when he was around 1, he weighed 1/2 what he does now but had lost his baby teeth. He also is a Terri-poo, with a curly wirehaired coat. He has dreadlocks on top of his head that stick straight up, His full name is Figaro Chip Newton White, my friends called him "Fig" so we added in Newton, I was going to name him "Toby Chip" after the basset in the Great Mouse Detective and Chip after the tea-cup in Beauty and the Beast, but he had a collar on when they brought him into the pound that said Figaro, So I stuck with it and Figgy really fits him being spunky and full fo energy.

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Jesse   tulsa, OK

5/7/2012 12:36:58 PM

My Chinese crested terriers name is Abbagale Winaford X. My husband said she had to have something pretty about her

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Elishia   Montgomery, AL

4/18/2012 9:11:45 AM

the perfect name . . . my little soulmate was Lucy, a beautiful Pom. Her full name was "Lucia Barccalotta" - she was little, but lively! I lost her (at 15 years) back in February, but she will live forever in my heart!

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Julia   Tampa, FL

4/3/2012 9:00:23 AM

We have a dachshund named Fudgie Pants. His name makes everyone smile.

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Beth   Dexter, ME

3/26/2012 2:20:27 PM

I have a great sheltie I got to pick the dog and he got to pick the name I now have a dog that I must explain to everyone why he is named Juner. (my ex boy friend's nickname as a kid). I love the name but wish I didnt feel the need to explain.

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Carla   Williston, ND

3/24/2012 5:13:14 PM

We have a husky / lab mix named "Motor" and a German Shepherd named "Ice" I don't like normal names so we had to come up with some different ones and it's amazing how they 'fit' the dogs.

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Amy   Long Branch, NJ

3/16/2012 2:17:01 PM

I just got a fun-loving puppy. She's supposed to be a mini labradoodle. She's all black. She is totally adorable. I named her FIZZY. She is peppy, cuddly and a true gift. She looks like. Black lab puppy now but she's beginning to get curly a little, starting to grow a small beard, has long ears. She's just FIZZY.

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