Comments on Reactive Behavior in Dogs

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Lauren - 218178   Clovis, CA

7/27/2013 4:57:01 PM

What else can we do besides get a trainer? I am pretty good at training myself, and I know there has to be something! If DogChannel could write an article about it, that would be great. Thank you.

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Anchor   Plant City,

2/19/2013 4:52:44 PM

My poor BC was attacked as a 4-month-old puppy, dogs have basically tried to pick on her for her whole life...she became reactive and is just starting to come around with some counter-conditioning. Great article, though!

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Melian and Tiny   E, CA

11/18/2012 11:15:05 PM

I do like reading these advice pages but telling us to work with a trainer seems a bit silly. If we could get at trainer why would we need these pages?

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