Comments on Vets Use Arthroscopic Surgery to Repair Dog Knees

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Pamela   Highland, Michigan

8/28/2013 10:19:19 AM

Hi Gina, What was the nature of your dogs condition? My dog has been diagnosed with an ACL Tear.

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tasha   shebly, MA

9/2/2011 8:20:05 AM

live around mich state university , wondering how much this procedure cost and how long the dog will be out of commision.

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Sandra   West Branch, MI

5/30/2011 9:06:53 PM

Live in Michigan, wondering how much this procedure costs if we go to MSU.

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Donna   Yelm, WA

2/19/2011 11:49:20 AM

great Art. Does anybody out there know of a
close to the Olympia,Wa area that does this
surg. on my Labs shoulder flap. Under $3,200+??

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Gina   Hermitage, PA

2/1/2011 5:36:04 AM

This is the best article I read on MRIT. My lab of 5 yrs. just had his leg done and is doing great after 1 week. He has to be leash walked for 8wks though. NO chasing anything! Actually he was starting to put weight on it 2 days after the surgery. It will be a long haul, since he's used to going out on his own in the back yard. Cost was $800 total including meds, recheck in 1 wk and stitches out next week. I was very satisfied


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Brenda   Shreveport, LA

1/10/2010 11:42:20 PM

I know that different places have different prices and they very wildly through the states and they very around town. I would like to know what is the average cost of this? I have a toy poodle who leggaments have to have surgery at some point and I am wanting to have some type of idea at what I'm looking at. the sub vet wouldn't say when I asked. should I worrie? Because he didn't answer me. My toy poodle has to have it on both legs.

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caitlyn   castleton, IL

7/22/2007 12:56:29 PM

ouch! sounds like it hurt.

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Christy   Covina, CA

7/22/2007 9:26:30 AM

Glad medicine is also coming along for our 4 legged friends!!

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