Comments on Dog Perfumes and Sweet-Scented Pooches

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oyuuif   atlata, ME

4/2/2010 1:46:18 PM

sometimes i make my own .Like just use rose water sometimes. SO FAB!

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tiff   lake city, FL

8/17/2009 11:46:32 AM

Boycott the football team? Are you people serious? The man made a stupis mistake, I am a animal lover and i have dogs, but seriousally what about the poor children in our and other countries that are starving to death and football players make millions and millions of dollars a year as well as other sports and you want to boycott one team, boycott them all!

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Alan   Elmira, NY

6/5/2008 8:00:06 PM

I fully agree.I have a very white poodle "Rambo." His bath, is not complete eithout a little spash of lavender water.

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