Comments on Congress to Consider Stricter Dogfighting Laws

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Isobella   Nashville, TN

9/28/2009 4:54:47 PM

In my opinion those who engage in dog-fighting should endure, as punishment , the same things that they thought were acceptable and FUN to do with animals. That includes electrocution, hanging ,shooting, poisoning, drowning, having your head beaten against concrete, being put in rape racks, having teeth pulled out , being used for bait, and being bitten and having pieces of yourself torn off and other gruesome things that were acceptable for the animals involved. Call me radical; call me insane ; I call myself Justice.

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Jacqui   Gilmer, TX

9/17/2008 9:48:41 AM

it is great that these laws have passed, but lets face it until we get laws passed were we can use the paraphernalia against these people, these laws do not mean much as you have to catch then in the act. This is near impossible.We can arrest people for drug paraphernalia but not dog fightinga paraphernalia , there re hundreds of times law enforcement have had to walk a way because they are not able to catch then in the act.

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Indy Rojas   Miami, FL

8/1/2007 11:33:29 AM

I think it's GREAT!!!! It is overdue. Dog fighting should not exist and anyone caught should be REALLY punished. I'm not saying just pay a fine and thats it I mean heavy duty money and time in jail.

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