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Susan   Souris, PE

1/10/2010 11:56:06 AM

Boydd is my first Basset Hound. I have never experienced a drooling dog before and like to keep a clean house. HOWEVER I would not give this dog up to get back to a clean house. He is the most affectionate and personable animal I have ever had in my home. He is a great deal of care and it takes work to keep things clean around him but the trade off is worth it.....I was just wondering if there is a way to train him not to shake his head.

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Abby   new york, NY

7/1/2009 12:31:41 PM

My dog Hernry, a newfoundland will slobber on anything under 4 feet including small children. I love him anyway.

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Paula   Mableton, GA

2/18/2009 3:14:07 PM

Don't forget Great Danes...they slobber a LOT and it is very nasty. We have globs on the ceiling from our 4 year old Dane named Tank. He pretty much slime coats everything!

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Pat   St Louis, MO

1/7/2008 7:18:39 AM

There's drool and then there's slobber. My border collie will drool on me when I'm giving her a tasty treat. But at least she can shake herself without bathing the walls in slime. Slobber pretty much grosses me out, in addition to the snotty-nose snorting and grunting that usually accompanies these breeds. I'd look for a tight-mouthed breed as opposed to the droopy jowls. Is a German Shepard big enough to qualify as "big?" Or a Russian Wolfhound? If you're looking for a musclebound giant, you're probably going to get a slobberhound.

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andrea   hamilton, OH

8/28/2007 12:27:43 PM

eewwwww...i hate slobber


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