Comments on Assistance Dogs Have Their Day

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Marina   Havertown, PA

8/9/2007 7:27:34 AM

I am glad service dogs are finally receiving the recognition they richly deserve.

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Bud   Seattle, WA

8/9/2007 6:53:21 AM

Hello Marice, Just wanted to say thank you for your great work in getting this day set up. I hope that more people will take time to learn from this and what great work these dog's do for people. Now if the land lords will wake up and let these dog's in.. I have run in to more trouble that way. My land lord nearly evicted me with my dog. I live on thin ice here till I find another place that allows services dog's.

Bud @

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shannon   redding, CA

8/9/2007 3:56:52 AM

thanks for sharring

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