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Brenda   Lantana, Florida

6/18/2015 9:09:14 PM

The Mi-Ki is a fun, intelligent, and loving companion dog, Rare and stunning in the show ring to see more log into

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Eleanor   Coos Ba, Oregon

5/30/2015 8:42:05 PM

I was looking for,information on a rare breed after seeing a dog in need in a foreign country. I love dogs and I feel sorry for,people,who,live in places they cannot have dogs. I think rare breeds are so wonderful. I know many I could never have or manage, and I have seen some,that are enormous. I am always,happy to pray that,they do not become too popular so,that breeders begin,their,ruin. When I see pictures of the originals in old paintings and then read about,what has happened to the breed as a result of bad breeding. Like collies..blindness, and,the,throat and eating issues, or,the dogs with no,faces anymore from overbreeding. I pray they be spared popularity, but I would love to own , but not breed, some of these rare dogs. I'm too old! Now, but wasn't always!

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David Johe   St Marys, Pennsylvania

4/30/2015 4:45:35 AM

The Braque d'Auvergne is exceeding rare. However this well liked bird dog seems to be slightly increasing in numbers due to diligent breeding by an exclusive group.

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Jack Sterling   San Francisco, California

6/21/2014 8:04:50 PM

In 1994, I was the first advertizer of the Thai Ridgeback Dog in Dog World, Dog Fancy and Dogs USA magazines located in Irvine CA. I actually brought about 3 of my first imported TRD to that office to show the staff. That was 20 years ago when I was a young man of 47. Today at 67 I am still breeding the TRD breed but only in Thailand to be closer to all the different bloodlings. I am actually the older TRD breeder in Thailand as well as the rest of the world. I have shipped TRD all over the world. If you want more info about the TRD breed just visit my website at

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Glenn   Marietta, Georgia

7/16/2013 1:07:00 PM

Someone in my neighborhood has a seemingly rare breed of dog, long black hair and big. Curious what could it be ? They something like nukimers


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