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Natalie   Madison, Wisconsin

11/19/2015 6:54:50 AM

I have been approved to adopt a 3 year old male Basenji from a shelter. There is little information about his past and I am a little concerned about behavior issues as I have little experience training dogs. I work during the day so I would keep him in a crate or barricade him in the kitchen at first. I have no problem with exercise and have a fenced in yard. The last dog I had was very dependable and could be left alone for long periods of time and was fine in the yard by himself. With the Basenji I have read that they can climb chain link fences and my neighbors have back yard chickens. My other option is a 1 year old Doberman. Doberman's seem very high energy, but I haven't seen many other concerns about the breed. Do you have any information about which dog would be better? I do not want to have deal with returning a dog because I made the wrong choice.

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