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Emily   Mortons Gap, KY

6/14/2011 5:15:12 AM

Thanks for the rule info on dogs traveling in cabin. I want a small dog, but my husband and I must travel overseas and I don't want to crate an animal. Knowing the law is helping me make the important decision.

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DEB   Livonia, LA

4/24/2011 8:32:33 PM

Good info. Thanks.

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Toni   Clemson, SC

3/10/2011 10:05:40 AM

From a flight attendant.....please repeatedly remind followers that pets carried on board commercial aircraft must remain IN the carrier THROUGHOUT the flight. This is federal law and in place for VERY good reasons, including the safety of the pet. The pet cannot come out to sit on your lap, occupy the empty seat near you, "hang out" around your feet, be walked or carried through the cabin, given a peek out the window, NADA. My airline's rule is: NOT EVEN THE HEAD OUT OF THE CARRIER. Passengers traveling with an in-cabin pet cannot occupy emergency exit rows.

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Margarita   Washington, WA

7/17/2010 11:59:40 PM

This is great information. I have travel with my SD several times and he has no problem.

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Debbie   Ephrata, PA

4/13/2009 6:23:56 PM

This was a helpful article, but I hear so many things. I ,just a few weeks ago, flew to my Daughter's house in MO. I never knew the ladt in front of me had a Pom. under her seat, but as we landed, she got her out and seemed to be taking it just fine.I don't know if I'll ever have a need of this, but I always want to be prepared. Thank you.


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Lisa   Lansing, MI

2/10/2009 4:22:56 PM

My neighbor lady is moving to Hawaii. She has 2 Springer Spaniels, and they are both therapy dogs. She informed me that she has purchased tickets so that he dogs will be in the 2 seats next to her on her flight. I just thought that was great. I would do that too if I had to fly wit my dog!!

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stacy   Bel Air, MD

12/17/2008 11:30:11 AM

I would only ever fly with my dog unless she could ride in the cabin with me.

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Luanne   Ephraim, WI

12/9/2008 7:44:55 AM

Our younger dog came from a breeder in St. Joseph, MO. (We had adopted her older sister a year previous.) She was shipped to us, had to change planes, and the airline misdirected her to the wrong destination from where her first flight landed at O'Hare. At 8 weeks old, she was lost luggage for almost 24 hours!! Traumatic, to be sure for her, and us. She recovered nicely and is a super young dog. But, I don't think I would risk that again!

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tamber   nanuet, NY

10/16/2008 5:57:38 PM

i have flew a few times with my pets ( maltese tiny) they fly in cabin with me. it still can be a very stressfull thing for them. but i make sure i dont put them in till i see them about open the gate and ask if i can preboard which they let me freely since i have two pets.I give them water once we are seated. and then close the bag up. i usually put a wee wee pad in there so far never ever had to use it but just making sure there dry. The pup first flight was tough but now there pro's . they slept the entire flights. I sometimes have a hard time keeping them up before the flight. LOL i even try holding them up. i sometimes dont win and they crash while waiting for the plane and they still slept threw the flight. Everyone in gate area where i was waiting were also trying ( i take it they were afraid they would bark the entire flight. ) LOL Just a little advice get there in two hours before even the airport say. this way you can show the pet the airport and there not going crazy with all there surroundings.

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Mary   Reedsburg, WI

9/30/2008 12:01:45 PM

I would NEVER travel by air if I could not fly coach with my dog with me! I do not trust baggage. She is a yorkie so it works well for me.


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Angela   Vancouver, CA

8/27/2008 10:32:05 PM

I think this is a wonderful

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megan   somewherein, OH

8/5/2008 1:30:51 PM


John 3:16

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SAMI   Dayton, OH

7/14/2008 9:54:41 AM

I think this articlae is good but you should mention seperation anxity and how to help your pup cope without you or if there is a medicen to help but other than that I loved learning Air saftey. Thank for the articale

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Irene   San Diego, CA

6/30/2008 8:43:59 AM

Last Christmas we took our Scottish Terrier and Welsh Corgi from San Diego to Boston via Northwest Airlines. We had to change planes in Detroit. The airline put a mulitpart tag on each crate and when the crate was loaded in the airplane, a part of the tag was given to the flight attendent who gave it to us -- so that we knew the dogs were on our plane.

We also took the dogs to the vets before hand, who had the same advice about no sedating the dogs as it makes it harder for them to regulate their body temperature. She also suggested putting a towel in the crate (they were aleady crate trained) so they could burrow under it if they got cold.

Neither dog seemed upset or bothered by the experience, and both Southern California dogs had a fun Christmas in the snow.

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Danielle   Bartlesville, OK

6/19/2008 6:32:39 PM


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Kate   Annapolis, MD

2/3/2008 11:20:03 AM

I loved the wonderful tips on how to travel by plane with a dog, these tips were very helpful.

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Sue   Three Oaks, MI

12/26/2007 1:58:45 PM

This had a lot of really good info & ideas! I haven't had to take my dog on a flight, but this really helped me be aware of how to prepare if that situation arises.

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Luanne   Ephraim, WI

10/20/2007 7:13:42 PM

3 weeks ago we had an 8 week old puppy shipped to us from a breeder--Kansas City to Chicago and Chicago to Green Bay. The airline got her as far as Chicago and then sent her on to Nashville!! They completely lost her, could not trace her at all. We, as well as the breeder, were frantic!! To make a long story short, she was found, sent on to Chicago the next morning, then on to Green Bay and courriered by van the 80 miles to our home. She could have died!!! She has had no lasting ill effects, but the horror of being in a tiny travel crate for over 24 hours just after being taken from her mom and siblings makes my blood boil.

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Ginger   Los Angeles, CA

10/7/2007 2:47:47 AM

Is there a policy that if your pet is small you can have it on your lap/carrier when you travel?

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