Comments on New Findings Show Toxic Mold May Affect Dogs

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elizabeth   glenside, PA

11/15/2011 11:52:08 AM

My pregnant female resorbed 4 puppies. I have had my house tested as positive for mold. Are there any studies on this?

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karolyn kirchhoff   clearwater, FL

9/12/2011 3:30:11 PM

Hi, I have been living in an Apartment , for 4yrs. and started getting very Ill as soon as we moved in , also my Toy Yorkie started getting Ill as well !!! After several Vet visits and Docter visits and finding Mold in here , A Large some of money spent . It's not allergies , It's from the Mold !!! I'm on SSD for life , so Myself and My Dog are inside all the time !!! My dog has a Constant cough , Hack , Runny nose , fever ,Sneezing, Appetite ,bowel problems , and So Do I !!! My Doctor is going to do blood tests , And stated to get out of here !! This place has a History of mold problems, the building right next store to my window has been verified of having Black Mold and has been vacant since before we moved in !!! We were not told that building was vacant and condemed for living in !!! We are trying to relocate as fast as possible !!! we are so ILL !!!

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TruthAboutMold   Des Moines, IA

1/18/2010 8:38:04 PM

Mold can cause serious health problems. For information about the health effects of mold, go to

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Terilyn   Blacklick, OH

6/22/2009 12:24:39 AM

I lived in a home with Toxic Mold for 5 months the first month we moved in our pet cat of 11 years wanted to be out doors my kids put her in the LL within 3 days her face looked sunken in on one side as if she had a stroke, she could eat but no longer could walk or balance herself on the floor to stand up the week before she was put in the LL she looked and act normal on the 4th day she died.I did not know then the mold in our home was Toxic Mold.

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Danielle   Tampa, FL

2/23/2009 7:19:35 PM

My dog and I were living in a home with toxic mold for over one year. He developed sagging, red lower eyelids, vomited frothy white liquid, lost his appetite, muscularly diminished in size and had runny stools as well as becoming extremely lethargic. I suffered difficulty breathing, concentrating, balance issues, memory issues, nausea, headaches, allergy type symptoms, weight loss and loss of muscle mass as well as lethargy. My dogs symptoms have gone away since moving out of the environment however he remains small for a male German Shepherd. His lids no longer droop, his appetite and energy level have returned and his stools are normal, he no longer vomits. Toxic mold clearly adversely affects dogs. I was unable to find information readily regarding this situation so thought I would share my experience in hopes of helping others find out what is happening sooner.


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Donna   Limington, ME

9/11/2007 2:14:03 PM

That is scary, and i will have to check in my cellar now!

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Cheril   Amarillo, TX

9/11/2007 6:18:49 AM

Well ... duh! If something isn't good for human health, why should it be any different for our furry friend ...

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