Comments on AKC Recognizes Two New Breeds for 2013

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j   Toronto, International

8/6/2013 7:11:45 AM

Just came home from Portugal with a Podengo Pequeno. He's awesome!!!

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Dragon   Bangor, Maine

4/11/2013 2:58:06 PM

@Marcia - most sled dogs are actually short furred. Look up the alaskan husky, Short fur =/= poorly insulated.

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Marcia   Bullhead City, Arizona

2/11/2013 11:36:29 PM

The Chinook might get cold because it does not have a thick or long coat. Sledding is cold weather
The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno reminds me of a West Highland Terrier but I having owned a Basenji until he died at 15 1/2 yrs. old I find it hard to believe this dog could be related because the Basenji was very hard to train and the PPP is supposed to be easy, It also needs a shorter
I'd love to see them both in person.

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Melian and Tiny   Etna, CA

2/8/2013 1:00:22 AM

Nice. The PPP sure is cute!

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player   Anaheim, CA

2/7/2013 10:12:54 PM



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