Comments on Police Dog Says Goodbye

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

1/20/2014 3:44:05 AM

I think we still have much to learn about the dog and person attachment and bond.

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Pat   Seabrook, New Hampshire

6/22/2013 1:13:53 PM

The loyalty of these dogs is incredible. Especially the GSD breed in general, they will forever be loyal, protective and trusting of their guardian. Such a wonderful breed and so intelligent. Very touching story and so happy he was retired and will live with his officer's family forever protecting them for the rest of his days.

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Lisa   Columbia, Maryland

6/10/2013 10:40:42 PM

It's amazing how your dog is so in tune with us. I am a Dog Trainer and my are so surprised when I show them how their dog reacts to their
God Bless Figo and all police enforcement.

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Jean   w.stewartstown, New Hampshire

6/8/2013 6:50:34 PM

I have never been so moved by such a moving showing of unconditional love that our animals give us. Whomever it was that said animals are dumb, is so wrong. The more I see animals the less I like humans.

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susan   ARTHUR, West Virginia

6/8/2013 6:29:32 PM

Retiring Figo from police work and allowing him to spend the rest of his days with Ellis' family shows the love and compassion police have for each other and their families. It's a heartwarming ending to a sad story,.


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Dick   Menominee, Michigan

6/7/2013 6:35:21 PM

Tears to my eyes

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Edith   NSW AUSTRALIA, International

6/7/2013 4:09:49 PM

Fifo is indeed a credit to his Breed and when it's time for him to cross The Rainbow Bridge may he run free for ever in God's animal paradise.

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Lucy   Metairie, Louisiana

6/7/2013 12:54:00 PM

that is truly a picture of a dog grieving for his best friend

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Wendy   San Rafael, California

6/7/2013 10:55:29 AM

I agree with all 3 above. You get chills knowing how close a dog and man get. I've read were a dog stayed at a grave site for years after the passing of it caretaker. Dog's are so smart - the even travel hundreds of miles to return home.

Wendy S. & Bella

San Rafael, California

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Billie Hackett   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

6/5/2013 8:41:05 AM

Never underestimate the passion of an animal. This k-9 felt and knew who was in the casket, this is a picture of PASSION.


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Theresa   Forest Lake, Minnesota

6/3/2013 7:25:29 PM

Dogs are a blessing and God works through them in

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Samantha - 121992   Howard Lake, MN

6/3/2013 3:24:14 PM

Beautiful. Truly touching.

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