Comments on Are You Over Vaccinating Your Dog?

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angelskodiak   Saginaw, MI

12/22/2013 5:20:16 AM

Very interesting article I will be discussing it with my vet when I go in with the three dogs next week.

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

11/29/2013 3:32:28 AM

This is a very interesting article. Next VET visit I am going to have a discussion regarding vaccinating my dog.

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Sarah - 243618   Port Charlotte, FL

7/24/2013 6:54:37 AM

I sure hope they change the laws regarding not only Rabies but others. The proof of the damaging effects have been presented. It's up to us to start demanding change.

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Cathie   Alvarado, Texas

7/23/2013 11:12:06 AM

Is there a way we find out if there are licensed DVM's who don't demand that your animals are vaccinated every year?

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markus   washington, District of Columbia

7/20/2013 12:23:17 PM

to Liane Stevens, yes, your cat will be hurt by overvaccination of rabies vaccine and all vaccines. One vaccine for each cause, and that protects for a lifetime for your pet. Overvaccinate and your pet may get cancer, disease, illness, allergies, uncontrollable itching, uncontrollable seizures, uncontrollable peeing, or numerous health expensive health problems. Your vet will not tell you this either, as your vet profits from your pets vaccines and illness from those vaccines.

Big Vet Pharma, just like Big Pharma bribe the gov officials to make the rabies vaccine a law for profit, not for
The rabies vaccines because it is mandatory is highly profitable.

Your pet is protected for life from rabies with just one rabies
Search for a Holistic Veterinarian, your city, your state, for more health help.


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markus   washington, District of Columbia

7/20/2013 12:14:42 PM

Where have you all been. Rabies vaccine has been known to cause cancer, allergies, disease, illness, etc for many years now. As studies have shown, each and every vaccine protect a dog or cat for a lifetime. One vaccine for each cause then your pet does not need another vaccine. Over vaccination will cause health problems or death in many pets, but not all pets. Just like smoking, some smoke till their 99 and never die of it, and many others smoke and get lung cancer, other cancers at a much younger age.

This article is helpful but rather late don't you think. There have been articles out on over vaccination for years now, thats why I cancelled by subscription to dog fancy etc because all big media magazines never write the truth as they are owned by zionists.

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Theresa   St.Louis, Missouri

7/19/2013 6:34:07 PM

Had both a cat who died of injection site tumors, and two dogs.Vet still insists on yearly vaccinations because of state laws especially if you have to board an animal, no facility will take them without a current proof of vaccination.

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liane stevens   rochester, New York

7/19/2013 5:55:43 PM

Does anyone know whether cats can be adversely affected by over vaccination of rabies too?

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Newfmom   Strawberry, Arizona

7/19/2013 5:21:04 PM

It's $20 for 10 doses of the rabies vaccine...just saying.

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Stephanie - 243114   Toddville, MD

7/19/2013 4:26:42 PM

My husband's cat died from a rabies vaccine sarcoma in 1999. My pit bull, now 13, has been dealing with autoimmune disease for 11 years, because she was over vaccinated (I gave her the DHLPPC vaccine myself, as I was a Vet Tech, but the hospital insisted on giving her another one a month later, guess they didn't trust me), and soon after she had to have an emergency spay due to a flare up of the disease. I almost lost her. I blame the animal hospital for this. It was Bayside Animal Hospital in Cambridge, MD in case you were wondering. It's a wonder I didn't sue them.


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Mary - 207021   Rome, NY

7/19/2013 4:16:36 PM

Very interesting! My dog gets lumps at her injection site too. Unfortunately the financial incentive is for manufacturers and vets alike to give a higher number of doses. I would gladly pay more and vaccinate less if given the option.

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Zookeeper   Columbia, MO

7/14/2013 1:48:41 PM

Informative article.

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Melian and Tiny   E, CA

7/9/2013 11:05:14 PM

Excellent article. If titer tests were cheaper then everyone should do those before getting vaccines.

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Jana   Union, Missouri

7/9/2013 4:59:22 PM

It is a shame that vets would put money over healthy dogs. Thank you for posting this. I had no idea!

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