Comments on You Said It: Breeder-Judges Are Good for the Sport

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Jerri   Lakewood, Colorado

5/16/2015 3:58:59 PM

Breeder judges are a two way sword. Wonderful if they know the breed and judge the dogs in their ring. Terrible if their goal is to put up the other breeder judges in the breed and hope the favor will be returned.

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Doris   Carmichael, California

5/16/2015 1:50:14 PM

I respect breeder judges but a judge by any name or means that has studied and has an eye for the breed and judges according to the standard, has my vote

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Robert   Greenwich, Ohio

5/16/2015 9:17:00 AM

I think it's vitally important that good breeder-judges are active in the sport. To me, they represent the pinnacle of what we should be aiming for. Too many judges today have such a weak background in dogs, I wonder how they ever made it to where they are.

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Jinnie   Atlanta, Georgia

6/22/2014 9:35:58 AM

I so appreciate breeder judges who are still working to advance their breed and help others do the same,

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